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  3. I tried to write a long post to get out all my happiness about this summer and how great work has been but I couldn’t really put it in real paragraphs or anything that sounded flow-y. So all I have to say is:

    I am so grateful for this beautiful summer filled with opportunities, new friendships, and an extreme amount of growth within myself. 

    Also, I love Camp Arena Stage. 

  4. Storyboards from Dumbo (1941) by Bill Peet

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    Daniel Radcliffe, everyone.

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    So close, but so far… (by Brett Kiger)

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    she didn’t get the reference x

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    Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the sheer and utter talent these men possess?

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  9. Rising Star Alice Lee | #goalice

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  10. It sucks when your family wants to best for you but what’s best for isn’t always the money. I’m sticking to this career path.